Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University

Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University is higher education institution (the 4th accreditation level) of Kyiv municipal property. The University mission is the following: in our service to a person, community and society we embrace everyone in sustainable individual development and leadership. University provides more 100 different programs at BA, MSc and PhD levels and in-service training programs. Among them: Master’s and in-service training programs on Education Leadership; Master’s  program on Public Administration. Since 2010 the University realizes the project on Leadership Culture in cooperation with Co-Serve International (USA). The project is focused on three target groups – students, faculty and administration and involves trainings, discussions, leadership academies and personal coaching.

Donetsk State University of Management

DSUM was founded in 1992 to face the challenge of emerging market economy in one of the Ukraine’s most industrially advanced regions. It is a state-run HEI (the IV level of accreditation). DSUM took the 3rd position in the National rating of HEIs (2011-2012) in the field of management and public administration. DSUM enrolls 8000 students. There are full- and part-time programs (BA, MSc’ and PhD kevels) in fields: economics, management, environmental management, marketing, finance, public administration (PA), law or sociology. Among the major master programs: MA in PA; MA in Public Service. DSUM: collaborates with local authorities in providing in-service training programs for public servants; provided PhD studies on the specialties “Mechanisms of PA", "Local self-governance". More than 250 PhD students successfully defended their theses in the mentioned fields; cooperates with 50 foreign universities, participates in international projects (TEMPUS, JM, Visegrad etc.).
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Estonian Business School

Estonian Business School is the oldest privately owned business university in the Baltics. Its goal is: To give active and business-minded people academic knowledge and the necessary skills to use it, to cater our students, to our students’ employers and to society as a whole. In its 25 years EBS has grown into one of the Baltic’s biggest private universities, teaching entrepreneurship and business administration. EBS offers BA, MSc and PhD programmes in the field of management and entrepreneurship. Estonian Business School Executive Training Centre (EBS ETC) is a member of Estonian Business School Group; is a leading training company in Estonia, acts as a link between the business world and the university and its activities are targeted at meeting the training needs of business organizations, offering training and consultations in different functions of management. Estonian Business School has over 70 partner universities from Europe, America, Australia and Asia, enabling a wide exchange of both students and lecturers.
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HRFORUM Personnel Management Association

HRFORUM Personnel Management Association is Ukraine’s biggest platform of human recourse professionals which exists to protect, develop and strengthen HR area in Ukraine, this way enhancing our competitive capabilities in the world. Its mission is to increase the value and competitiveness of HR profession in Ukraine. The objectives intended by the Association include: promoting HR profession and delivering its strategic role; creating a platform for sharing good case practices and promoting HR events in Ukraine and abroad; development of professional competencies of HR specialists through education and training; bringing together companies, HR communities, government agencies and NGOs to address critical HR issues and form effective personnel policies; high-quality market researches on HR trends that help to create quality human resource management in organizations; establishing international cooperation and delivering HR practices; creating positive image of HR in Ukraine. Institutional video presentation

Kaunas University of Technology

KTU is the largest technical university in the Baltic States. Its Mission - to provide an open creative environment that inspires leaders and talented individuals. KTU has 9 faculties, incl.: Faculty of Economics and Management: 7 departments (incl. Dep. of Management), 7 centres (incl. Cent. for Personnel Training); provides BA and MSc programs on HRM, Business Adm, Organ. Management etc. Faculty of Social Sc. has 8 departments (incl. Dep. of Educ. Systems, Dep. of Psychology), institutes (incl. Inst. of Business Strategy, Inst. of Educ. Studies, Inst. of Policy and Public Admin.), 3 centres (incl. Cent. of Business Competence, Centre of Educ. Competence); provides BA and MSc programs on Leadership, Public Admin., Strategic Leadership etc. The faculty provide researches on HRM, Organiz. Behaviour, Innovat. Leadership (economic, social, manag. aspects). KTU is a member of Europ. Universities LLL Network, Europ. Universities Continuing Education Network. KTU promotes top prof. standards.

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Ministry of Education and Sciences of Ukraine

MESU is the main national authority responsible for development and implementation of public policy in the field of education and science. MESU develops and approves the draft laws and other legislative acts; specifies the perspectives and priorities in the sphere of the education and science; develops and approves the terms of admission to educational institutions; provides regulatory and methodical operation of educational institutions; approves orders of the state scientific and technical expertise of government projects, international and regional programs; defines a strategy for monitoring of the quality of education and ensuring its implementation; provides licensing and accreditation of HEIs; generates and maintains a system of certification and training of educational, scientific and pedagogical staff; organized elections (competition), appoints and dismisses heads of subordinate universities; approves the statutes of subordinated universities etc.

National Academy for Public Administration under the President of Ukraine

NAPA is the leading HEI in the system of training, in-service training and advanced training of public servants in Ukraine and provides educational programs on levels – BA, MSc, PhD. and Dr. of Sc. The Academy trains professionals with high leadership potential for state, regional and local government bodies. It offers graduate-level programmes in Public Administration, Social Development Management, Public Administration in National Security, Public Administration in Education, Public Health Administration, Local Governance, Regional Governance, Public Management, Public Policy and Management, Electronic Governance and Parliamentarianism and Parliamentary Activity, doctoral and postdoctoral programmes. Leadership and organizational development courses are delivered by 4 departments of the Academy and constitute an integral part of the curriculum on all majors as well as of the training program for Presidential personal reserve “New Elite of the Nation”. 
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National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine

National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine is higher public academic organization of Ukraine. 2 organizations of NAPSU are involved in the project: University of Educational Management (UEM) and Institute of Higher Education (IHE). The UEM has more 50 programms at BA, MSc and PhD levels, provides in-service training programs (incl. program for HEIs heads). The IHE is national education and research institute responsible for expertise in development of public policy & reforms in HE. The IHE provides: Doctoral and posrdoctoral programms on 7 specialities; Scientific expertise and partaking in development of legislative,  regulatory and legal base of HE (concepts, strategies, standards); Researches on HE development (governance & finance, autonomy and HRM, content, methodologies, QA). Representatives of the IHE are members of the National HERE Team as well as of national working groups (leaded by the MESU) on NQF implementation, development the Law of HE, development criteria for evaluation of HEIs etc.
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National Aviation University

NAU is a powerful HEI, that is well-known not only in Ukraine, but also far abroad. Thousands of its scientists and lecturers, hundred thousands of graduates have made a considerable contribution to the development of national and world science, techniques and industry. NAU has 16 institutes. Institute of Economics and Management IEM provides BA, MSc and PhD programs on Economics, Business Management, Marketing and Resourcing, Finance and Accounting, Logistics etc. IEM has Department of Management IBA. Students are provided with deep knowledge and practical skills due to highly qualified teaching staff, which includes 15 doctors, professors and 56 candidates of sciences, associate professors. The aim of NAU is to provide for a market economy requirements by training of highly skilled professionals who have basic theoretical knowledge and practical skills and abilities, and thus exhibit personal qualities – communication, leadership, efficiency, persistence, and commitment.
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National Technical University "Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute"

NTU “KhPI” is one of the leaders of HE in Ukraine, which orients on constant improvement of university autonomy, implementation of quality management system, development and advancement of new partnership mechanisms.  Dep. of Social Systems Management (DSSM) carries out researches in areas: problems of humanitarian and technical elite formation, humanization and humanitarization of higher technical education, leadership formation and management training of graduates of technical higher educational institutions. DSSM has a highly qualified staff: 16 professors, 9 doctors of sciences, 26 candidates of sciences, and 16 associate professors. It carries out intensive research, the results of which are published in 75 textbooks, 16 monographs, 21 manuals and 58 methodological books, scientific journal "Theory and practice of SSM". DSSM organized and conducted international conferences, established fruitful scientific links with universities of Russia, Romania, Poland, Spain, Georgia.
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Odessa I.I.Mechnikov National University

Odessa I.I. Mechnikov National University - one of the oldest universities in Ukraine. Here you can discover the rich historical past and today's multi-faceted University teaching, research and social activities of its many thousands of teachers, researchers and students.

Ranmore Consulting Ltd

Ranmore Consulting Group is a small-medium sized enterprise (SME) specilaising in leadership development within the HE sector. Ranmore Consulting Group provides: Leadership Development & Management Training (to help professionals and academics in development of their management and personal skills; to design bespoke programmes and workshops to match clients and their portfolio of needs; Management Consulting in areas: Strategy Development, Mergers and Acquisitions, Client Relationship Management, Talent Management, Financial Modeling; Executive Coaching & Strategic Facilitation - provided to senior leaders to develop skills and confidence to deal with issues such as Development of strategy, Structured reviews of current or planned change projects etc. Ranmore Consulting Group has particular expertise and experience in relation to: Performance management;Talent management; Leadership development.
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Ternopil Volodymyr Hnatiuk National Pedagogical University

Ternopil Volodymyr Hnatiuk National Pedagogical University is a leading pedagogical higher educational establishment in Western Ukraine. Mission of TNPU – methodological, scientific and methodical maintenance for the development of higher and secondary education. Among the aims and activities of the University are: Master’s programme on Education Mangement; in-service training and retraining of school leaders; research on Education Leadership. TNPU is a member of: Consortium of Western Ukraine Universities and the University of Warsaw, Association of the Partner HE Establishments of the Russian Federation and Ukraine, Association of Rectors of Pedagogical Universities in Europe. The University has been engaged in more than 10 international educational projects and programmes.
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University of Greenwich

UG is the highest ranked London university in the National student satisfaction survey. It has 11 schools and institutes, incl. Sch. of Education (SE), Business School, Sch. of Humanities & Social Sciences. The Centre for Leadership and Enterprise (CLE) at SE promotes excellence and equity in HE, providing high quality leadership research, postgraduate and profess. development studies in leadership and management in education, trust, social enterprise and related studies. It functions as a hub for the coordination and implementation of leadership and enterprise activities and postgraduate studies in the SE, fostering collegiality and encouraging cross-school and inter-disciplinary initiatives. It offers high quality standards of good practice in research, consultancy and continuing professional development, short courses for regional, national, and international partners and agencies. CLE works with numerous expert international scholars in leadership and education research.
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University of Tampere

UTA is Finland 's biggest provider of HE in the field of social sciences and administrative sciences. The basic values of the University are academic freedom, creativity and social responsibility. It emphasizes the close relationship of the university with the state, the municipalities, enterprises and non-governmental organizations.The UTA has 9 schools (incl. School of Management, Sch. of Education, Sch. of. Humanities and Social Sciences).The Sch. of Management has a unique ‘three to one’ focus that integrates politics, business and public management and policy into one entity; has MSc and PhD studies, non-degree programs; provides students with a learning environment that enables them to fundamentally understand tomorrow’s world that is in the making from multiple perspectives instead of soloed thinking: “We seek novel ways to lead, govern and study across boundaries”. HE Group at the SM researches issues of HE policies and organizes training programs for university leaders.
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